Ad-Aware for Mac Download

Ad-Aware Mac Download

Ad-Aware is a product line created by Lavasoft, aiming to detect
and remove spyware, viruses, adware and malware. It's one
of the best protection software for your computer.

However, Lavasoft Ad-Aware only works on Windows platform.
Therefore, if you're now using a Mac computer, you have to
an Ad-Aware for Mac alternative. Here MacBooster is highly
recommended which will provide you with similar protections
to your Mac. Get a free trial now.

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MacBooster - Best Ad-Aware for Mac Equivalent

The all-in-one package providing total Mac protection, cleanup and optimization

Protect Your Mac from Adware, Spyware, Viruses and Malware

Ad-Aware is initially created in 1999 to warn users what is tracking on the visiting page. It later fights adware, spyware, malware and even viruses. Similarly, MacBooster is developed to protect your Mac from one of a kind threats. The cutting-edge antispyware and antiviruses engine is included. Simply by a scan, all infected files will be found so you can take action immediately. .

Real-Time Protection from Malicious URLs and Unsafe Downloads

Similar to Ad-Aware for Mac, MacBooster can block malicious sites with or without ads and web beacons. The protection starts even when you're typing the website address. All fraud websites will be blocked automatically. You're also able to manage your own blacklist to stop visiting any site with ads, spyware, or you just don't like. When you download something from other sites, only safe downloads will be saved to your hard drive.

Stay away from Dangerous Emails and Phishing Messages

Receiving messages from strangers and don't know whether it's safe to open? What to do if it's a phishing message? Let MacBooster decide for you. This Ad-Aware for Mac alternative will protect your Mac from every phishing attack, no matter whether it comes from your email message or malicious websites.

Protect Your Identity

MacBooster not only keeps your Mac from all kinds of identity theft and credit card fraud, but also protects your identity by shredding files so no one could use a file-recovery utility to recover the file you tried to get rid of, which could lead to identity theft if you sold your computer or if somebody stole it. You can even use the Anti-Theft feature to get back your Mac or MacBook. Your computer's location will be recorded and an iSight snapshot of the thief will be delivered.

Speed Up Your Mac in Minutes

Have a slow Mac? No problem with MacBooster. It removes logs, cache files, unnecessary files so as to make your Mac faster. Here is what people say about MacBooster's cleanup feature: "MacBooster is helping to preserve my 6 years old G5. Check it out, it seems to be a pretty cool similar to Ad-Aware but for Mac."
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• Supports Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Ad-Aware for Mac 2014
Best Ad-Aware for Mac
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More About Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

In 1999, spyware was new and started to infect more and more computers. Lavasoft Ad-Aware was initially created to just show warning on sites tracking IP address and other non-essential information in Internet Explorer. With time goes by, Ad-Aware added features like blocking ads and later remove spyware, adware, viruses and other malware.

As of 2013, Ad-Aware has mainly 4 versions for personal consumers: Free Antivirus, Personal Security, Pro Security and Total Security. Ad-Aware Personal Security is designed for internet surfing, banking and shopping online, while Ad-Aware Total Security help you handle sensitive files with file shredder and parental control. The Ad-Aware Pro lies between Personal Security and Total Security, providing real-time email protection and malicious activity monitoring.